My husband and I were in the middle of a week long backpacking trip in the Three Sisters Wilderness when it started pouring rain. Being the same distance from our starting point and destination, we pressed on. For three days we hiked, climbed, slept and ate in the rain. One evening while hiding in our tent I peeked out the door in an attempt to see if the rain was letting up and reported back “it’s mostly miserable, with bits of blue sky”.

Bits of Blue Sky is a place for me to keep and share those extra enjoyable bits of life. The things we encounter and appreciate in such a way that cause us to smile and be inspired. An experience of hopefulness the same as seeing a little blue through the thick grey clouds when you have been out backpacking in the rain, or after a long Portland winter.

For me, it’s┬ámaking super healthful, sustaining and energizing food. Adventuring in the outdoors. Creating things with my hands. Discovering the wealth in our natural surroundings that help us to live in a constant state of happiness, health and prosperity (3john2). And most importantly, getting to share all of these with you.

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