sauerkrautFermented vegetables and their juices offer a ton of pro-biotic benefits to your gut during the intro stages of this diet. This very mild sauerkraut recipe is a good place to start.

All you need is a head of cabbage, 1 tablespoon of sea salt and a sprinkling of caraway seeds. Shred the cabbage and place in a large glass bowl with the salt and seeds. Knead the cabbage a bit with your hands to mix the salt in and begin the release of the cabbages juice. Let this sit for about and hour. Come back to the bowl and knead with your hands until the cabbage shreds go limp and their juices have been released. Pack the cabbage into a large glass jar, pouring the juice in over it. Make sure the cabbage is completely submerged into it’s juice. Leave a very small space at the top of the jar for expansion during the fermentation process. Lid the jar and place in a cool dark place for about a week or time to taste. To stop the process, place the jar in the fridge. You now have kraut!

There are many variations I can think of to create different flavors. Try adding a little shredded garlic, ginger, carrot, radish and as you progress into the full GAPS diet add some minced chilies for a bit of spice!

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